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Asia Car Network (ACN) Co., Ltd. is a vehicle marketing company based out of Thailand. ACN is working to provide a complete set of purchase safeguards to car manufacturers, car dealerships and private sellers, and build a network of reputable car buying, car selling and automotive service providers.ACN believes this will develop to deliver a Safer, Faster, & Cheaperonline options for all buyers & sellers and be more efficient than traditional online and in-person used car sales methods.

The current global economic climate is facing a formidable challenge with the current health crisis, and more are more consumers are turning to world-class Internet-based companies to research and buy their next vehicles. As the world changes to face this crisis, consumer demand is for a faster process that involves less face-to-face contact, more detailed advice, and all at a reasonable price.

However, there is justifiable distrust in the used car market and this needs to be addressed for theused car industry to grow to its full potential. Other worldwide markets have safeguards in place that are available to increase buying confidence and protect against financial risk.

Asia Car Network is building a network of sellers who will provide all the necessary safeguards as standard and give back online purchasing confidence to all car buyers.

Asia Car Network (ACN) also includesan Online Marketing Channel Network (OMCN) consisting of a complete social media network for consistent full-time promotion to the entire network.


The ACN mission is to provide a full set of purchasing safeguards combined with a world-class transactional platform and social media network to deliver a ‘safer, faster & cheaper’ way of buying and selling cars online for private buyers and sellers, dealerships and car manufacturers alike.

Asia Car Network continually pursues:

A Safer Experience For the Consumer by:

  • Online sellers have to provide all relevant vehicle information from the car registration certificates when registering their vehicle on ACN, so any potential buyerscan have more confidence in thecar’s identification details. There are even more advanced options to protect buyers available in order toshow that the car has not been stolen, written off by insurance, or have money owing on the vehicle etc giving greater peace of mind.
  • Allowing access to greater vehicle choice therefore reducing the risk of selling too cheaply or buying too expensively through active online comparison to other buyers and sellers. A better chance to get the best car available at the best price.
  • Reduces the risk of an uninformed decision by providing ample vehicle research material and informative links helping consumers make a better and more informed decision and allow faster sales turnover
  • Reduces the time spent by consumers in face-to-face presale contact (especially with the current pandemic), and also reduces negotiation time as the buyer is better qualified to make a decision.

A Faster Process from enquiry to sale by:

  • Delivering useful vehicle information, comparisons and essential purchasing safeguards advice to potential buyers to help reduce purchasing fears for a safer sale and therefore deliver more buying confidence in qualified used car.
  • Minimising the consumers’ time and transportation costs by reducing the amount of driving time/costs searchingfrom car yard to car yard, taking notes, making evaluations while travelling etc. ACN replaces this with the much easier process of analysing their choices from the comfort of their own home
  • Providingeasy access to supplementary information, fact-finding services and enquiry support servicesdelivered from both ACN and dealerships direct.
  • Improving the chances of a much faster sale asbuyers and sellers can search cars online quickly by their thousands rather than discovering one by one in person.

A Cheaper way to buy and sell vehicles

ACN offers a choice of 2cheap ways to sell your car:

  1. No Sale No Cost No Risk – ACN Approved Cars.
  2. ACN only charges a small0.7% fee or flat fee if your car is sold and the sale is completed

    An ACN Approved car Includes as standard:
    a) A quality included Used Car Warranty*
    b) A quality all-inclusive Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR) including a Car History Report (CHR)
    c) A quality Car Price Valuation

  3. Traditional online AdSaver Car Advertisement
  4. An AdSaver can be as cheap as 199 baht for a 60 day advert online (no other commissions or fees), which compared to the cost of your next car is a very, very low price and a good investment on such an important decision.

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