Faster, Safer, Cheaper

ACN Approved Cars – A Safer, Faster and Cheaper way to buy & sell your cars online !

ACN Approved Cars have in-built Car Buyer & Car Seller protections to significantly help you avoid unsafe car transactions.

ACN Approved Cars have three essential advantages over traditional online car sale advertsthat significantly protect you when buying and selling a car, and also improves your chances of selling your car faster, safer and cheaper, because buyers rightly have more trust in ACN Approved Cars!

Why ACN Approved Cars are a Safer way to buy online.

It is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. A quality Car Price Valuation
    • a quality car price valuation is an essential protection to:
      • get the maximum price when selling your car or
      • make sure you are not overcharged when buying your next car.
  2. A quality included Used Car Warranty*
    • All ACN approved cars reduce the chances of unplanned future maintenance expenses by requiring:
      • a minimum of three months existing new car warranty or
      • a minimum of six months AsiaCare Car Warranty (the only Thai government approved warranty supplier, globally recognised).
  3. A quality all-inclusive Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR)
    • An ACN approved ‘Vehicle Inspection Report’ (VIR) must contain the following from a vehicle manufacturer VIR Inspection Centre (e.g. Toyota, Mercedes etc.) or an approved ACN VIR Inspection Centre:

      1. A mechanical car condition inspection, 2. exterior car condition inspection, 3. interior car condition inspection, and a 4. A Car History Report which checks:
      • No Stolen Status
      • No Insurance Write-Off Status
      • Current Registration Check
      • Finance Encumbrance check
      • Any Mileage / Odometer Inconsistency

No sale, No cost, No risk !

An ACN Approved Car has a Free Car Listing that gets priority posting at the top of ACN Car Sale Webpages – and ACN only charges its fees when and if your car is sold and the sale is completed. The fee structure provides no cost risk to the buyer or seller, and sales fees are significantly lower and charged as follows:

ACN Approved Cars

  • No sale, No cost, No risk !
  • Free Premium Car Ads
  • Seller Fee: 0.7% of the final car sales price or a negotiated flat fee.
  • Any fees are only paid at the time a successful car sale finalises.

Worried about Negotiating the Best Deal with Car Sellers?

Consider using ACNs optional ‘ACN Negotiator Service’. Click here to see How it works

Why Buy and Sell Online?

  • Reduces the time and costs spentby the buyer going physically from dealer to dealer.
  • Many More Potential Buyers & Sellers. Your car could be seen by the tens of thousands or morepotential buyers, so your advertising costs and time spent when compared to the number of potential buyers online are much lower.
  • Better Comparison Often Results in Better Deals. Anyone selling a car online usually has fewer selling costs. Combine this with being able to access a greater amount of focused and enthusiastic car buyers will allow an increased opportunity for any seller to deliver the buyer a better deal.
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