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Worried about Negotiating the Best Deal with Car Sellers?

Consider using ACNs optional ‘ACN Negotiator Service’

How it works:

  • ACN Negotiator Service: No sale, No cost, No risk !
  • Ring Asia Car Network and ask us to find the next car of your dreams. Our ACN Negotiator will search all of Thailand to find cars that suit your requests and send them to you so you can shortlist your favourites.
  • An ACN Negotiator will also:
    • Arrange bookings for a test drive and trade in quote, at the dealership or even at your home (dealer and distance away dependant).
    • Negotiate to get you the very best price with the car seller for you
    • Help you negotiate your trade-in price.
    • If the sale is made making sure all necessary paperwork is completed for the transfer
    • ACN arranges the Car delivery and paperwork delivery for you
  • Negotiator Service fee: 15% of any price discount the ACN Negotiator negotiates with the seller.

    How it works:
    • Example: A car is listed for 640,000 Thb, and we negotiate the price down to 599,000 Thb with the seller. Your price saving is 41,000 Thb which is a great discount. Your fee for the ACN Negotiator would then be 15% of the 41,000 Thb they saved you, which is 6,150 Thb. So now you save 34,850 Thb off your original price and pay 601,550 Thb for your car instead of the original 640,000 Thb.

      So you have all the sales work and paperwork done for you, a better than expected discount, and no real cost to you just a small deduction off your discount!

      Remember: If ACN does not get you a discount, your sale is totally free, so there no cost risk for you. Any ACN fees only are charged at the time of sale so no upfront costs and nothing is charges until your sale is finalised.
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