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Used Cars can often come with some part of the existing new car warranty still present if they are new enough to qualify, and the new car warranty is usually transferrable to the new owner

However, if there is no new car warranty present on your used car, it is wise to protect yourself a Used Car Warranty is good insurance against unexpected financial surprises after the sale. It is one of the three (3) essential vehicle checks and car purchase safeguards when buying a used car.

1 : Firstly, insist your used car seller has made sure that the car you are buying is exactly the car they say it is. Get an authentic Car History Report that checks

  • No Stolen Status
  • No Insurance Write-Off Status
  • Current Registration Check
  • Finance Encumbrance Check
  • No Mileage / Odometer Inconsistency

2.Secondly, insist on an extensive Vehicle Inspection Report (click here) that checks:

  • The Mechanical condition of your used car
  • The Exterior condition of your used car
  • The Interior condition of your used car

An AsiaCare warranty is an auto parts warranty for engine insurance on Used Cars (under 10 years old and under 200,000 kms) helps protect used car buyers and sellers from most unexpected large financial expenses resulting from unexpected repairs to your car after the sale is completed

The AsiaCare Warranty insurance covers up to 128 parts items, and AsiaCare guarantees to replace any relevant parts with genuine parts. All repair work is completed near you through standard car manufacturers’ approved repair service centres all across the country

A Major Advantage:

No matter how extensive a Vehicle Inspection Report or how well a mechanic checks the car, there is always still the small possibility of something expensive going wrong deep within the motor. Key engine parts can break without any prior symptoms or warning signs despite all the best checks and intentions.

This could cause the car buyer unexpected large maintenance expenses after the sale of any used car, and also cause the well-intentioned car seller unnecessary embarrassment or even possibly costly lost company reputation in the car marketplace.

These inexpensive warranties protect you and cover most common costly repairs that sometimes happen after the sale. A good inexpensive used car warranty from AsiaCare can give both the car buyer and car seller greater protection against unexpected large maintenance expenses after the sale is completed.

A small investment now can save you tens of thousands, maybe more. Asia Car Network (ACN) can help you easily apply directly as an authorised AsiaCare seller.

That is why you can feel extremely safe in purchasing an Asia Car Network Approved Cars already have a car warranty included (an existing new car warranty or an AsiaCare Used Car Warranty) for you along with an essential vehicle inspection and car identification checks.

1: An approved and extensive Vehicle Inspection Report including all the following:

  • Mechanical Condition Report
  • Car Exterior Condition Report
  • Car Interior Condition Report

2: A Car Sales Price Valuation to ensure you are not undervaluing your car or being overcharged for your car:

3. An Approved Car Warranty

  • An existing New Car Warranty (with a minimum of three months remaining) OR
  • An AsiaCare Warranty (minimum 6 months warranty) for your financial protection. AsiaCare is the only Thai Government approved after-sales used car warranty currently on the Thai market (see below)
  • Car Interior Condition Report

Call us here at Asia Car Network if you have any questions or are ready to proceed

*Please note: AsiaCare is a third-party supplier of after-sales used car warranties for Asia Web Holding (Thailand) Co., Ltd., and is not liable for decisions made by AsiaCare on behalf of any customer claims etc.

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