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Just like driving around to find a car, there are essential tasks you need to do when searching online to make such an important investment. The most important thing is do your Homework, and this is where the resources of the Internet and Asia Car Network’s website can give you added advantages.


There are many advantages to buying or selling a car online instead of wasting time endlessly driving yourself and others around from car dealer to car dealer.

  • It is much Faster than driving around yourself
  • It is Safer online with the current health crisis, and with the access of all the information the Internet can provide to ensure you don’t pay too much.
  • Car Sellers: it is usually much Cheaper to advertise your car for sale online than spending your valuable time and money driving around to many different dealerships.
  • Car Buyers: It is often much Cheaper to buy a car online because you have greater competition which leads to lower prices for customers. More car dealerships competing with other dealerships, private sellers and car manufacturers means you can compare prices from all over Thailand to get the best deal on your next car. Also many of our manufacturers and dealerships who advertise on ACN often offer ACN users exclusive Asia Car Network discounts off their already advertised special prices.
  • You can concentrate more effectively without salespeople looking over your shoulder and other outside distractions.
  • You can be more relaxed and more analytical in Researching & Shortlisting your next car from the comfort of your home.
  • You can do your research online through easily accessible car advice, news and reviews to help you make it well informed decision.
  • You can shop anytime day or night and work it around your busy schedule.
  • You don’t have to rush or be pressured into making a decision.
  • You can avoid the stress of face-to-face negotiations.
  • You can usually negotiate a better deal online with the knowledge you have acquired through your research.

Whether you choose to go online for convenience, to research prices or just to get a better and wider selection of cars, make sure you give yourself plenty of time to investigate this important investment. Treat this process as importantly as if you were dealing with dealerships in person, do the research and we hope we here at Asia Car Network (ACN) can help you get the best deal possible on the car of your dreams.

The ACN Team


Here is a list of some steps you may want to consider when searching to buy a car online, and also gives some suggestions of how you can negotiate the best deal.

  1. Set a Budget. The first step in any successful car-buying process is setting your budget. Remember to factor in the interest on the car as well as the price of the title, registration, and any new number plates.
  2. Finance. Are you buying from cash for does your bank offer pre-approved car loans? If so, it may be a good idea to apply for one. Car sellers are often more likely to do a better deal with someone who has all their finance ready.
  3. Online Research. Start your research online, and give yourself enough time. You can look at local websites which have access to cars from dealerships, manufacturers and private sellers, and have access to wide variety of car news, reviews and advice articles. Take notes on what you like and then make a list of the following:
    • the essential attributes for your next car e.g. less than five years old, less than 30,000 km, five seats, air conditioning, large luggage area, etc
    • the desirable attributes for your next car e.g. good sound system, sunroof, dark colour, cruise control, etc
  4. Physical research. Take some of your research offline. Yes, you can still do the majority of research online and make the transaction online, but go visit some car yards that have the same model car as you are shortlisting and get the look and feel of the car you are interested in.
  5. More Online Research. Make a list of questions before you enquire to the dealer or seller online (by chat box, phone or email), and refine these questions as you progress. This will help provide you with a lot of the answers you need before making your decision to purchase
  6. Shortlist. Shorten your list down to two or three cars maximum that meet your needs and wants for your next car.
  7. Your Existing Car. Decide whether to sell your existing car online or Trade it in. Only discuss a trade in once you have committed to your next car. Alternatively a lot of people find you can sell your existing car separately for more money online. This can reduce the amount of overall money that changes hands in getting the deal done.
  8. Negotiate:
    • The Price. Before approaching the final deal, compare similar vehicles online and/or research the vehicle's book value on a site like ‘RedBook Asia Pacific’ (approximately 100 baht). Make sure you understand everything involved in the price. And ask the dealership or seller for the ‘full price quote’. Don’t be afraid to mention other cars and prices you have seen online to see if they can give you a better deal. Asked if there are any special discounts if you made a decision today.
    • The Extras.  See if you can negotiate any extras on the car e.g. a new set of tyres, an extended warranty, a new sound system, etc.
    • Test Drive. Determine whether you want to take your potential new ride for a test drive.
  9. Delivery. The last step to any online deal is to decide on getting your car delivered or finding out where to pick it up, and sign all of the final paperwork to make the vehicle legally yours (good online websites will provide you with the option to download all or most of the paperwork you need).
  10. Enjoy. Now take your new car for a drive knowing that you have done your homework and have negotiated a good deal on your new car, and all done faster, safer and more cheaply from the comfort of your own home. Job well done!
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