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Essential Car Buying Safeguards

Buying a used car can be an anxious process. There can be many things to worry about, and since most of us don’t do it that often, it can cause some justifiable fears to enter our thoughts.

Many questions come into our heads. Is it going to be a good reliable car for me? What happens if it breaks down later after I have bought it? Can those repairs be expensive? How do I really know if it’s a quality car I am buying? Has the car been in an accident or is it stolen? Am I paying too much for this car?

With some simple car purchase safeguards you can help protect yourself from most of these situations. But what safeguards are out there in the marketplace, and how much do they cost?

Here’s a list of some essential Purchase Safeguards you should seriously consider when purchasing a used car. These safeguards are very cost effective, especially when not having them could cost you tens of thousands of baht after you buy a used car.

NOTE: All ACN Approved Cars come included with aUsed Car Warranty, Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR) with a Car History Report (CHR), and a Car Valuation check as standard buying safeguards on every ACN Approved Car (check our ACN homepage).

Used Car Warranty

Most used cars don’t come with a warranty unless they are still within the new car warranty (usually 3 years, sometimes up to 5 years).

However, you can purchase a good Used Car Warranty for a reasonable price from a reputable warranty supplier that can protect you for years to come.

AsiaCare Used Car Warranties are suitable for all cars under 10 years old with less than 200,000 kilometres on the odometer, and you know they are good as they are the only used car warranty supplier approved by the Thai Government.

On average the warranty price range is around 6,000 to 13,000 Thb depending on whether you want a six or twelve month warranty. This warranty covers most major and minor mechanical problems for used cars after purchase that can cost you many tens of thousands of baht in future repairs.

These warranties are highly recommended for at least the first year of ownership as that’s when you find out most of the characteristics of the used car, both good and bad.

Asia Car Network as an authorised seller uses and recommends AsiaCare as a supplier of used car warranties.

Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR)

A Vehicle Inspection Report(VIR) is an essential buying safeguard that is highly recommended before you agree to purchase any used car. No matter how new the car is or how good it looks it can conceal hidden defects or problems that can cause you tens or even hundreds of thousands of baht in post-purchase repairs. A broken gearbox, a cracked engine head, etc can cause you financial problems that can last you years.

VIRs from manufacturers and ACN approved inspection centres are cheap and can save you so much money. Why worry about what might be wrong when spending 800 to 1200 baht (an average price for most common cars; 1200 to 1500 Thb for an average European car) on a manufacturer VIR that can save you from a lot of these worries?

A good Vehicle Inspection Report with include:

  • a Mechanical Inspection (full disassembly check upgrade possible)
  • an Exterior check
  • an Interior check
  • a Car History Report (see below)

If you can only afford one purchase safeguard then this is the most essential one, although the other ones mentioned here are just as essential in our view as well.

Car History Report (CHR)

A Car History Report is a valuable safeguard, as it tells you how the car has been used in the past and whether it has any financial encumbrance (car loans etc).

A good Car History Report will confirm for you:

  • No Stolen Status
  • No Insurance Write-Off Status
  • A Current Registration Check
  • Finance Encumbrance check (no loans etc.)
  • Any Mileage / Odometer Inconsistency (no mileage discrepancies).

Any of these can cause you financial problems, but this simple check is usually only around 300 to 500 Thb on its own. Often with good VIR inspections they will include a CHR in the price.

Car Valuation

An accurate Car Valuation tells you how much the car you are buying or selling is actually worth in todays market. Different car buyers will give you a different price depending on their intended next use for the car. Dealers will not give you the highest price as they will be selling the car again, and they understandably have to make a profit when the selling the car to the next buyer,

So it equally depends on both the buyers and sellers motives for selling and buying the car. Different buyers and sellers have different advantages and disadvantage. whereas wholesalers for example have very quick purchase time but offer the lowest price, whereas selling it privately will usually get you the highest price, but it also usually takes the longest time to sell it this way.

An accurate market based car valuation is essential to making sure you don’t sell your car too cheaply or buy your next car for way too much.

ACN Car Valuation is a good place to start you research as it is calculated on the latest Thai used car prices. If you are still worried about your next used car purchase why not consider letting an ACN Negotiator do all the research and work for you, and work on your behalf to [potentially find you the best deal available on the price.

ACN Negotiator also available on our No Sale, No Cost, No Risk pricing offer, or we can do it all for a negotiated flat fee.

Final Notes: All these Car Purchase Safeguards are essential in our professional opinion, and this is why we believe ACN Approved Cars offer the best protection against most financial fears. While no one on earth can 100% protect you an any car (new or used), these safeguards will significantly increase your buying confidence when next time you choose to buy a used car.

If you haven’t got the time or professional expertise to complete all these necessary tasks, please consider using our ACN Negotiator Service available also under our No Sale, No Cost, No Risk pricing offer, just like our ACN Approved Cars.

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