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Here is a list of some likely steps you may want to consider when searching for a car online, and also gives some suggestions on preparation steps to sell your car.


By firstly cleaning or detailing your car you can more easily see the condition of your car. This helps you identify areas that may affect your car’s sales price. Getting a professional Car Detailing service is the best way to make sure your car looks its best for those all-important car sale photos, and it is relatively inexpensive and could add thousands of baht to your sales price. Remember to take your photos in good light, from different angles (especially diagonally from the front), and include photos of the exterior, interior and motor.


Make a realistic and honest list of any areas on your car that need work done.

Make a list of things to do and sort them into 3 headings:

  • things you can easily fix or clean yourself,
  • things you can fix cheaply, and
  • things that need to be fixed by specialists (we suggest you only do the expensive fixes to require that your car to be safe, roadworthy and well presented).

Some general wear and tear is expected in a second hand car by fair-minded potential buyers.

However, the least amount of things potential buyers need to fix, the better the chance of you achieving the best possible sales price for your car. It also reduces the areas where the buyer can ask for a reduction in your sales price to make these repairs too.

If that is really not your area of expertise, consider spending a little money on a proper Inspection Report (VIR) (usually between 500 to 100 Thb depending on the complexity of your car). We have a list of potential vehicle inspection report providers listed on the Asia Car Network site under the tab ‘Car Inspections’ for you to choose from.

A professional VIR also gives you added protection against potential buyers inventing defects to drive your sale price down, or even buyers coming back after the sale who have some problem with the car looking for a refund. Having the VIR gives you some after-sales protection as you can show you purchased a professional report. This shows you took all reasonable steps in good faith to give a realistic and professional view of the car’s condition.

It will also give you a more comprehensive check of most of the vehicle’s key weaknesses, and inform you if anything needs to be fixed urgently for roadworthiness before you can sell your car. See a VIR example here.


The next important step in any successful car-selling process is effectively and realistically valuing your car, and knowing the current market price that buyers will pay. This can be done easily by going online in the comfort of your own home to a car selling website like Asia Car Network (ACN) and comparing cars and prices.

By wisely comparing the selling price of cars online to cars similar to yours, you will get a realistic idea of the real market price of your vehicle. This helps to avoid trying to sell your car for too much (doesn’t get sold and wastes your time) and trying to sell your car too cheaply (wastes money that could be in your own pocket).

Alternatively you can spend as little as 100 Thb on getting a professional valuation from a reputable online site like RedBook Asia Pacific. They will provide you with a report that shows the value range for cars like yours for a number of situations e.g. valuation price ranges when selling as a Trade-In, a private sale, or a dealer sale. (See an example here).


What are your needs regarding how fast you need to sell your car?

Do you want get the best possible price for your existing car at the least cost?

If so, why not consider listing your car online with ACN to take advantage of all the private and professional car buyers that visit our site each month looking for cars just like yours. It is very easy to do (just click here for our Car Advert guide) and ACN’s prices are very reasonably priced with adverts for most cars starting at only 500 Thb for a 60 day advert*! Remember, if your car is sale priced under 200,000 Thb your car advertisement is free!

It certainly beats wasting your time and money driving from caryard to caryard, and comparing cars online helps protect you against buying for too much or selling for too little. By comparing vehicle quality and prices online across Thailand with ACN you can be comfortable that your car is priced well.

Do you want to trade your existing car in? Are you already looking online for your next car? If so, you are probably are best to start your search online for your new car. Do a car shortlist in the comfort of your own home without the stress of salespeople looking over your shoulder, and you can work out a budget that best suits your individual circumstances. You will need to decide on the maximum limit you are willing to spend on top of your trade-in price to buy your new car (your maximum changeover price). If you have researched prices for your new car online first step 3) this becomes easy to calculate the estimated changeover cost.

Do you need a quick sale? Then maybe list your car online with our Instant Offer listings (coming soon) so different car wholesalers can bid for your car, This is the fastest way to sell a car but may result in a slightly lower sales price.

NB: Remember to factor in the extra costs on the car into any changeover price e.g. the car title transfer, registration cost, any new number plates, insurance, etc when doing your budget. Enquire with most dealers on the ACN website and they will be happy to estimate these costs for you.


If you are trading-in your car on your next car, make a list of questions you want to ask before enquiring to the dealer or seller online (phone or email). Refine these questions each enquiry you make as you move forward. This will help provide you with a lot of the answers you need before making your decision to purchase any car.


One of the most important things to get right is pricing your car correctly, or potential buyers can sometimes get you to sell your car for a price below its actual value. Make sure you meet your prospective buyer ready with your research about what your car is actually worth by comparing prices online, and also here is where a Car Valuation Report comes in handy by taking away most discussion points regarding vehicle price. Don’t be afraid to show the buyer your price research if they attempt to reduce the price too much after they inspect the car. If you have a Vehicle Inspection Report any of the buyer’s suggestions about car problems will be easy to deflect. If they tell you they hear a ‘mystery sound’ when test driving the car, feel free to tell them they are welcome to check it out at their own cost, not yours.


Only accept cash, online payments, bank transfers etc and check that the money is in your account before signing over the final paperwork. Also do not hand over your keys until you have been paid for your car.

Any reputable buyer will understand you need to be paid in advance before they own your car.


Doing the title transfer and registering a new car is not that hard. Just fill out the transfer paperwork supplied by the government. If you are selling to a dealer or wholesaler they will do this for you, but be sure to check your details and especially the final price.

A copy of the title transfer paperwork is available for downloading on the ACN website for your convenience.


The next step to any online deal is delivering your car to them, or more conveniently get them to pick it up, Only do this after all paperwork has been signed and the money is safely in your hand or bank account.


Congratulate yourself! From the comfort of your own home you have taken the wise steps to compare cars online, do your research, value and inspect your car, check your sale and buyer out, and now you have sold your car for a fair price. Now you get to enjoy all of the fruits of your labour knowing you have taken all reasonable and wise steps for your sale.

Congratulations, and don’t forget to recommend Asia Car Network (ACN) to your friends if we helped you in any way. If you would like to see us provide any other services to help you in the future, just email us and we will look into that for you. Enjoy your day. The ACN Team.

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