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‘ACN’ Advertising Opportunities

Site Sponsor Manufacturers Regional Dealer Dealership


The official ACN Site Sponsor is the first advertisement every ACN buyer or Seller sees at the top of every page. The site sponsor is reserved only for organisations with the highest reputations and those directly related to the industry such as Fuel Companies, leading Vehicle Manufacturers, Finance & Insurance, etc.

The site Sponsor’s Advertisement can be a static ad or a transitional ad format, and provides a constant focal point for brand awareness.

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The webpage header advertisements are the largest advertisements on every page with the exception of the main banner advertisement on the ACN Homepage reserved for the Regional Preferred Dealerships (RPDs - one only from each of the seven Thai regions, see details below).

There are only ten (10) Manufacturer Advertisement opportunities. with a different sequence on each ACN webpage to ensure each dealer gets an equal share of first positions over all the ACN webpages (40+ webpages)

The total Advertisements in this section are restricted to seventeen total choices, these being the prioritised ten Manufacturers adverts, and the seven Regional Preferrred Dealership adverts to ensure quality listings only.

Our planned upcoming mega advertising campaign will only continue to increase the numbers of customers turning to Asia Car Network for their next vehicle.

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The webpage advertisements most attractive to Dealerships is the Regional Preferred Dealerships package, and with good reason. It includes myltiple areas of online marketing advantage over your competitors.

Firstly ACN ensures you are prominent, being only one of seven mega banner advertisements on the Asia Car Network hompage. These are the largest website advertisements on the ACN website and each are displayed in a rotated order specifically designed to ensure each dealership gets equal priority viewong every day on the ACN homepage.

Secondly ACN ensures exclusivity, as these adverts directly link you to your own full ACN webpage which contains a brief overview of your company’s history and future plans. This webpage then allows three priority adverts directly linked to your ten (10) pack of adverts included in this package. There are also options to upgrade this package and therefore increase your chance of extra sales. On your exclusive ACN webpage there are a full list of the body types and models or cars offerred by your dealers hip and much more. See the example of a RPD exclusive webpage below.

Thirdly the mega bonus of extra adverts at the top of each and every other ACN webpage on the site! There are even further options for side-box and wide-box adverts to further increase your brand awareness and access to your advertsided vehicles.

Forthly, many of your adverts will also be randomly shared and promoted on Asia Car Network’s Social Media network including ACN’s WeChat mini-app aimed at the Chinese and South East Asian expatriates, as well as the ver popular FaceBook, Line, Whatsapp, Twitter, YouTube etc.

All this is included in the price of the RPD package allowing your organisation to have a ‘one-stop shop’ for all your online marketing necessities. This is even more essential now considering more and more people are switching to the safety of online shopping due to the world’s current health crisis.

Asia Car Network was designed to combine most of your online marketing (along with your company’s website) to have your needs taken care of all in one place, and allow you to get back to your company’s work at hand knowing ACN has you well covered.

This is the premium pack for dealerships looking to get the ‘lions’ share’ of the multitude of customers coming to view new and used cars on the ACN website all day, each and every day of the year.

As previously mentioned,our upcoming mega advertising campaign will only continue to increase the numbers of customers turning to Asia Car Network for their next vehicle.

Side-Box Adverts

Side-Box Adverts provide a constant reminder to potential buyers as the Ads remain static as potential buyers scroll down the ACN webpage.

There are only two (2) Side-Box Adverts per ACN webpage to focus the buyers attention.

This offers message exclusivity to any advertiser, increasing the potential for a successful result.

This ensures maximum message exposure for the entire time the potential customer searches.

Wide-Box Adverts

Wide-Box Dealer Advertisements are extremely effective as they are directly in the customers’ concentration zone

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