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2019 Honda CR-V ES 4WD
  • 32500 km
  • Automatic
  • SUV
1300000 baht *Excluding VAT
2017 Toyota Fortuner
  • 87500 km
  • Automatic
1090000 baht *Excluding VAT
2017 BMW 320d LUXURY
  • 52500 km
  • Automatic
  • Sedan
1299000 baht *Excluding VAT

Are you looking for secondhand cars for sale Bangkok, secondhand cars for sale Chiang Mai, or cars for sale anywhere in Thailand? There are many well reputed companies that connect buyers and sellers on the best online advertising platform. They provide a safer, faster, and cheaper online purchase options for all buyers & sellers. This is the most convenient and safest way to achieve the best deal as compared to the traditional in-person used car sales search. It offers a more stress-free, easier and safer experience for all used car buyers and sellers.

Everyone has a dream to upgrade their car. It’s no wonder they seek the best options to buy their dream car. However, the truth is everyone cannot afford a new car. So many people are turning to secondhandcars to make the most of their current budget and keep more money in their pocket. Online you can search for secondhandcars for sale Chiang Mai, secondhand cars for sale Pattaya, secondhand cars for sale Bangkok, secondhand cars for sale Phuket, etc. or cars for sale in any Thai region.


It is very possible to purchase a modern usedcar online in a great condition priced towell below new cars, with all the purchasing safeguards you expect from a new car. However, it can be confusing for you, especially if you are buying a used cars for the first time. This is why it is wise to consider certain important things before deciding on buying a used cars online, and which websites offer you all the necessary purchasing safeguards you desire.

Buying a used car is often a more sensible economic choice and a used car can often give you much more value for money. As you are buying a used car, research and included buying safeguards are essential to ensure you are acquiring a good vehicle and making a worthwhile investment. This is easy to do on a modern reputable website.

How to locate the best secondhand cars for sale online?

Different ways you can research and purchase when you buy used cars for sale. It could be newspapers and car magazines, secondhand cars for sale Bangkok via word of mouth, or through a recognized secondhand car dealer. The easiest and safest way to search for a secondhand car Chiang Mai, Bangkok or anywhere else is online. You can obtain more information and access a greater selection of used cars in a much shorter space of time without all the tiring travelling around from dealer to dealer. Also, good websites provide a lot of useful data that can help you to make the right decision, protect your investment, safeguard you from future expenses, and save you more money by getting you a better deal through greater marketplace price comparison e.g. a free Car Valuation Calculator.

Free Car Valuation Calculator

There are many car owners who sell their cars online for great price as well as car dealers. Professional vehicle marketing companies now deliver a time-effective and cheaper way to access the millions of people searching online and access the many reputable used car for sale Thailand. By searching for cars online on reputable car websites. You can have easy access online from the comfort of your home to thousands of cars to choose and compare.

Some of these online companies offer a cheap way to sell your car, buy a car, or even trade-in your car by providing services to ensure your risks have been minimized. All car owners and vehicles are verified online so you don’t need to worry about the risk of buying a stolen or written-off vehicle.

This article will give you some fundamental tips to safely buy and sell used cars get the best deal.

car valuation

Before heading out for test drives, check online vehicle marketing companies and online car viewers. They provide a wealth of information about secondhand cars for sale Chiang Mai, secondhand cars for sale Bangkok, or any used cars for sale Thailand. Doing a little research online can save you tens of thousands of baht, and show you what to look for to protect yourself from buying a less than perfect used car and the best ways to reduce risks of ongoing expenses.

Do not rush the deal! Collect enough information about the car as possible online and compare it with other secondhand cars for sale Chiang Mai with used cars for sale Thailand. With the right purchase safeguards such as a Vehicle Inspection Report, a car history report, an accurate car valuation calculator, and a used car warranty you can even safely buy from any part of Thailand and save tens of thousands of baht. At the very least, you can use this market price information to barter the price down on a local used car. Research and safeguards you to make better, cheaper, and safer decision.

You should find out the details such as how the car has been used, its mileage, and fuel consumption any repairs, the papers of the car. The sellers should give a written statement that makes sense and are consistent. Apart from that, also check mechanical issues that had to be repaired and if it got any accidents before. You can also take a test drive of your car.

Narrow your possible choices

Ask yourself first that why you should buy a car. Is it required to carry a certain number of people or a certain amount of luggage? Do you use it mostly in the city or on highways? Do you need a fuel-efficient car? There are different sorts of cars and models available to choose from in used cars for sale Thailand. These questions should be answered before deciding on any used cars for sale for you. Research on Particular marketing companies

Make sure you are buying a used car from a reliable source. Especially, the online vehicle marketing company has to be reliable and professional since you are searching for a secondhand car for sale Thailand. It can be possible to fall into a trap or be mislead about the quality of the vehicle. Always do a bit more research and always get a Vehicle Inspection Report when purchasing any used car for sale Thailand.

Essential Purchase Safeguards (the big 4)
  • 1. A thorough Vehicle Inspection Report(only from the manufacturer service centre or approved inspection centre) is essential to make sure that vehicle is in a good condition with no hidden faults you don’t know about in advance, and protect you as much as possible from ending up with a bad used car and being overcharged.
  • 2. A Car History Report(usually included as part of a good Vehicle Inspection Report) is essential to ensure the car is not stolen, or written off by an insurance company, has the right mileage reading, does not have any finance owing on it, etc.
  • 3. A Used Car Warranty is highly desirable as it protects you from unexpected large expenses in the future. Some near-new used cars will still have some new car warranty left, but did you know a used car up to 10 years old car get a Used Car Warranty from a reputable Thai Government approved Warranty supplier (AsiaCare)? Some online website selling used cars even provide this as standard on their approved used cars along with all the other safeguards mentioned here (ACN Approved Cars)
  • 4. A good Car Valuation (showing multiple buyer estimates) will protect you if you are buying a used car from being overcharged by a seller, and will protect a seller of a used car from selling their car too cheaply.
Overall Cost

Compare the cost of your potential used cars online against other market prices by researching the prices and condition of similar used cars being sold now. There are various vehicle sales marketing companies available. Along with the car condition, you should also consider the overall price of a vehicle including taxes and delivery. Ensure the used cars market value is Thai marketplace accurate (Car Valuation Calculator) to get the best value for your money. Check whether the quoted sales price includes sales tax, license registration, and allows any discount for any repair you might have to do in the future.

There are also risk-free professional car price negotiators who will work to get you the best price for a small risk-free commission (No Sale, No Cost, No Risk). A little online research and asking for professional help will save you a lot of worry, a lot of time and get you the best deal and save you money

Choose the right used car

Searching for a used car for sale Chiang Mai, Bangkok or across Thailand? It seems easy, but buying a used car requires awareness. It will determine whether you will have a good or bad experience. Also, your quality of online research will play a key role to get the right vehicle at the right price with the least amount of risk. Make sure every detail is checked precisely as you will not be entitled to a refund once the car is bought, but a good used car warranty can help protect you even from that.

Key benefits of locating secondhand cars for sale online

Try searching Google for ‘used cars for sale Thailand’ or more specifically like ‘used cars for sale Chiang Mai’ or ‘used cars for sale Bangkok’ etc online is the most convenient way. This is an amazing arena for both the buyers and sellers of cars saving the bother of travelling round dealers, listening to sales pitches, and negotiating the best price. As a buyer, you can easily browse cars at your fingertips and have time to compare cars and prices, and have time to consider and protect your decisions.

You can find many used car listing websites that provide a chance to explore cars for sale by make, body type, price range, fuel type, and gearbox. You can see the photos of cars and ask them questions.

You can find out where to meet the seller, view, and test drive your selected used cars, some websites will even arrange a home test drive and trade-in quotation for you. Also, a reputable car manufacturer Vehicle Inspection Report will check every detail to ensure everything is in proper working order.

It saves time and money, and gives you confidence in your next car investment. You don’t need to go here and there and spend time reading car advertisements. Just narrow your search online to your preferences of make, model, price, fuel type, etc. and you can ensure that you acquire your new used car at a competitive price.

To summarize, searching online the secondhand cars for sale Thailand, whether it be used cars for sale Bangkok or Chiang Mai or Pattaya etc., searching and researching online is by far the best, safest and most efficient way to get the best used car deal possible.

*To look for great used cars and approved used cars, as well as access to all essential used car purchase safeguards try Asia Car Network ( ). They have a wide selection of quality used cars, a lot with warranties and car purchase safeguards built into the sales price which saves you time and money, and gives you confidence that you are getting a good used car.

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